Delayed Package

May 29, 2020

When I dropped off two large flat rate packages at the P.O. in Borrego Springs, CA, I believed Bonnie, the postal clerk, when she said they would arrive May 26th. “That’s perfect!” I said. “I’ll be there May 27th and we leave there May 29th.” The USPS has been reliable with their priority mail service for years, starting with its inception at the same time I started hiking long trails!

Package delivery has turned out to be an emotional parachute drop! I was delighted when my son said on Saturday – the next day- “Oh, your package arrived.” I was amazed at the speedy delivery. “Oh good! Inside there’s a present for Sebastian”! That’s my grandson. “There’s only one package,” Adam said. ” “We’ll watch for the other one.” The one that arrived was loaded with dry food in preparation for quarantine in Maine.

What USPS tracking reveals is that that second package – the one do containing my Satori game, paint brushes, tent stakes, pocket knife, supplements, and a list of other useful items – has apparently stopped at a distribution center in Massachusetts where it arrived on May 25th.

Since then, the tracking site says “Your package is moving internally. Moving to the next facility.”

I must do The Thirteen Steps to clear my energy! Feel my feelings – anger, guilt for including bottles of watercolor, sadness for missing my precious things which cost way more than the $50 free insurance!

Step 6 am I willing to just let the situation be perfect just the way it is? This is one time I say “NO! This sucks!”

Step 9 am I willing to see the others as healing angels, doing a healing dance with and for us all? Huh? Dang! It’s a COVID thing! God knows what all will have to shift in my perception! I’ll lose some things. Others are losing their loved ones.

Wait! Just when I finished typing this, I get a text message: “USPS 9505516192610143180942, Departed USPS Facility 05/29/2020 6:07am CHARLESTON SC PROCESSING CENTER Reply STOP to cancel”

What! It’s here in Charleston?! We might still miss it! Should I wait? It will have to get forwarded to Maine! Oh no! Another opportunity to learn and grow!

Stay tuned for the unfolding saga!


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