Day 27: Rest

Winter TrailIt’s 27 days until I move away from my home of 12 years, with the house ready to sell and my belongings pared down to what I need for a Nomadic Lifestyle.

Today, I rested, I mean really rested!

I allowed myself to succumb to the sore throat and fatigue I’ve been feeling the past few days. I’m noticing that deep feelings of sadness and resistance are coming up. Even though this move makes sense, there’s a fear about it. There’s the fear of this new way of life, with so many details unformed. There are doubts. And there is sadness about leaving this place that has supported so many years of creativity in my life.

My mentor, Marnie Pehrson, teaches that there’s a Creative Cycle with four phases:

Creativity. Production. Harvest. and Rest.

She encourages us to honor the Rest phase, because without it, the others will be stifled. Just like in Nature, the deep rejuvenation of Winter is an essential season.

Today, I’m resting.

And that’s OK.



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