May 19, 2016
I wake up in a hotel in elPaso, Texas. No, this is not a down and out cowgirl drama. Quite the opposite! This is a spiritual journeywoman’s triumph of focus on priorities of the heart!

This Nonsenses Immersion is now so important to me that I go to the trouble of having my paint, brush, paper, board packed in an accessible place that I can get it out and use it daily, well almost daily. I did not paint yesterday.

And, it has a deeper effect when I use the physical materials than simply imagining the colors. I grant myself that accommodation to my physical being.

Ahh! There’s today’s rainbow, similar to other days’ rainbows, but not exactly the same. Light imbues all spaces of my body and radiates out in a cushion of joy.

On I go!

Love to you,

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