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November 2, 2017

Satori magic with my partner. Those beliefs! Every time, what I pick fits  the situation. This time, we both started with current stories from our day. Mine was “I need to give support without receiving support.” 

When I drew my “Event” card from the game deck, it said, “You were made to be the scapegoat.” Oh yes, there it was! He had said I had gotten HIM all riled up. We were a perfect match for the game. Actually, it was a challenge for me to stay in it, I had such a charge about being blamed! 

But, I persisted, letting the game be my support, and like a wise, objective guide for both of us, it guided me through our mutually entrapping stories.

Twice, I picked “Releasing Breath” and twice spun the color wheel to “Spirituality, Inspiration, Faith” for the energy block to clear. Ahhh. So that was my opening! Let SPIRIT be my support! Of course!

And there it was, my New Story said, “I trust myself and the Universe to support me at all times.”

What I love about playing Satori when there’s an issue right at hand is that I don’t have to figure anything out. It truly is like having an objective third facilitator setting a path for us to follow. We can be there having our feelings, our blame, our resistance to each other while leaning into another consciousness instead of each other. I like that!

And in the end, we get to say together the Radical Forgiveness Invocation.

May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are now, have always been, and forever will be in Divine order, unfolding according to a Divine plan. May we surrender to this truth whether we understand it or not. May also ask for support in consciousness in feeling the connection with the Divine part of us, with everyone and with everything, so that we can truly say and feel, we are One.

Curious about Satori? Here’s a short video I made about it. 


If you want to play, we can set up a phone game! If you’re interested in that, please reply to this email and say, “I want to play Satori!”

It’s my favorite game!

In joy,


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