Sunrise Surprise

November 7, 2017

“It’s really not coming up! It’s just like that story I read my boys about how the sun was brought back to the sky!”

On our 25th consecutive day of sunrise watching, there were no colors and no orb to be seen! Sunrise time was 6:09, and at 6:13 we had still seen no pink or gold and no disk either. Just gray clouds with a few slits of light! 

I thought, “This gives me all kinds of permission to take a break from shining in my own life, well, at least every once in a while, like maybe once in twenty-five days!” Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful in a subtle way, but different! Here’s my photo:

And guess what that evening’s sunset offered? Stupendous color! Sky-covering brilliance! 

Are you hiding your brilliance, taking a break from shining today? Perhaps a limiting belief, blame, or energy block is muting your joyous expression? I can help you clear away the clouds, starting with listening to witness and validate your story. 

Reply to this email with “I want to shine!” and we’ll  choose a time to chat.

In joy,


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