Cumberland Valley

June 23, 2016
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No camping for 17 miles! It’s the traverse across Cumberland Valley, PA that includes the town of Boiling Springs. The trail skirts farms and crosses a dozen roads, including the PA Turnpike, US 11, and I-81. Most hikers hoof it across the 17-mile stretch of easy walking all in one day. We did that as well in 2007 when we walked south. This time, we’re doing the stretch over two days, with a hotel stop in the middle.

The corridor of the trail is owned by the Park Service as what is known as Appalachian Trail Lands. In the Cumberland Valley, signs tell us this, along with the information that these lands are being farmed to preserve the historical and pastoral quality of the area. read more


June 20, 2016

It helps me keep going to have someone to talk with about my dreams. Last night, Mary Campbell, whom I had coached to accomplish her 5-day walk in Scotland, talked with me about my vision for HeartSinging Walks Community. Here’s the recording from our half-hour conversation. Listen in !

  • Walking evokes and expresses an Inner Journey
  • Regina’s approach starts with this awareness
  • This could help people just getting started with walking for health
  • Several structures could make it available to more people

Join in the conversation!

Comment here, or send Regina an email:


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Tornado Watch

June 16, 2016
The day started – and ended – with rain! In between, we walked 17 miles, stopping once for a thunderstorm and once for a tornado watch.

Zero Day

June 19, 2016

First zero day (day 17) Luxuriating at Cobblestone Inn in Waynesboro, PA. A Zero Day is hiker lingo for a day with no hiking!
They have a grill out on the lawn of the inn. We used it to support our canister stove to cook salmon patties from WalMart, which is literally  next  door! Yeah, I have mixed feelings about shopping there, but give in to the convenience. In addition to off-trail food, we bought another fuel canister ($5 instead of $12 at Big Meadows!), and I replaced my underwear, an important clothing strategy – either buy a new pair or include in a maildrop every few weeks.
Catching up on journaling, researching itinerary details for later, soaking in the hot tub, drinking water, eating fresh food, ressssting, watching a Clint Eastwood movie, and chatting with another family’s members gathering for a wedding. The mental and physical break from the trail is rejuvenating. Even something I love as much as walking and sleeping  in the woods is enhanced  by stepping away for a day! read more

Trail Visitors!!

June 18, 2016
Two meetings today!
Dawn, a coaching friend from many years ago!


And Robin, the new Ridgerunner, in her element!


I love visitors on the trail!

In joy,

Sore Feet

June 15, 2106
Another hiker asked what to do about sore feet from stepping on all the rocks in Virginia. Yes, there are literally mountains of rocks on the trail! Here are some of my thoughts.

I’m all about balancing the Inner Journey with the Outer Journey. What I do with sore feet, after  assessing for physical injury, is go inside myself and ask in there! “Why am I walking? What do you need, feet? How can I step lightly on my journey, on the Earth, on whatever is before me?” Those kinds of questions.
I met a hiker walking through Shenandoah National Park in sandals. He walked like a monk! Each step with singular purpose in itself.
I’ve used arnica tincture for bruises and anointed my feet daily with lavender oil, blessing and honoring them. I believe that you have a beautiful, unique journey that blesses us and the trail. The trail is a blank canvas on which your unique journey is painted.  Maybe there’s an Inner Journey here. read more

Read the Guidebook!

June 13, 2016
I didn’t notice that the guidebook does say that the “lodge, kitchen, office are open from 5-9 p.m.” in the hostel where we had sent our maildrop box. Hmm. It’s noon, and we got on the trail at 6 a.m. to get here for a rest. There is food in that box to eat for rejuvenation – not available til 5?? Not a happy thought. Hmm.

What a perfect interface between Inner and Outer Journeys!! Click on “Read in browser” to see how this disappointment unfolds into a blessing even better than I had imagined!
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Inner Journey

June 8 and 9, 2016
What a beautiful place to be while disappointed! The Skyland Lodge room we had was perfect for our night off the trail! We had mailed our first food drop there, so it was a good place to rent a room, you know, with a bed and bath and clean towels, all that good stuff!


Really incredible view from the room, especially watching  the storm move across the Shenandoah Valley!

Dinner at the restaurant included trout, asparagus salad, and a big side order of fries! Even my gluten-free preference was accommodated. read more



June 7, 2016
Day 5, Appalachian Trail walk. My view from our room at Skyland Lodge, taking a connection break. 70 miles complete. Uncounted trees, boulders, flowers, plants enjoyed. Unmeasured fullness of God Goddess Spirit Nature Creation breathed in and around and through. I am blessed by walking.

In joy,


June 6, 2016
“I am not my body, but I love and appreciate the body I have.”
That’s one of my favorite New Stories in the Radical Forgiveness board game that I play often to help me shift my perspective from troubles to blessings.
This morning, that helped me ease into the tiredness and soreness my body felt. I still WANTED to walk, just needed to give myself time and stretching to match my desire with my body!
Just a half mile from our camp, beautifully flat and dry, by the way, was the summit of Hightop Mtn. Sunlight filtered through  the stunted oaks and lit  the ferns and fly poison flower stalks. Ahhh. Perfect spot to gently awaken my muscles. read more