September 2, 2016

I’m happy to be walking the Appalachian Trail again because of all the beautiful scenery I forgot! Today was a good example of that. 

We started the day near the summit of Peru Peak in a chilly cloud, which made the spruce woods enticing and mysterious. I celebrated getting my warm jacket at just the right time, as this morning’s temperature dipped.

The path continued to not just one, but two lakes – Griffith Lake and Little Rock Pond – neither of which I remembered from 2007! We reached Griffith Lake at “late breakfast” time, cooking up our corn mush topped with maple syrup and cayene pepper.

We reached Little Rock Pond late in the afternoon. It was warm enough for dangling our feet off a rock, but not for swimming!  The sun shone and a dry breeze reminded me to air out the sleeping bag, though. I like to lay it out each day, with its black inside out to absorb the sun to get all nice and warm and fluffy!

Between those two lakes we crossed a wide stream jumbled with huge boulders and crossed with an arched suspension bridge. Yep! You guessed it! I had forgotten that too! Maybe this time I’ll remember sitting on its gravel beach eating hummus for lunch!

We’ve been skipping the shelters for camping, preferring to find tiny cleared spots along the trail to pitch the tarp. They’re more private, softer, and cleaner! 

The forests in VT are like cathedrals with towering trees and many huge, old trees! Fall colors are just beginning. Since being out in southern California where the bare rock foundation is dominant, I’m much more aware of the rock skeleton forming these ancient eastern mountains. The trail route is often laid directly on the tilted rock ridges and ledges. I enjoy looking closely at the rocks, marveling at the swirls and patterns formed as the molten minerals cooled so many eons ago! I am blessed to walk here, forming new memories, hopefully not forgotten!

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