19 Days ’til Nomadic Lifestyle: “Hard”

Twice in the past twelve hours, friends have used the word “hard” to qualify their endeavors. Since that gave ME a charge, I figure that’s something for me to look at. “Hard”, for me, implies a list of judgments like:
“this is not acceptable”
“I don’t like this”
“I’m being forced to do something.”

When I say something is hard, there’s always a resistance to the undertaking. I’m going ahead with something reluctantly, half-heartedly, doing it only because something outside of me says it must be done.

Hard means I believe I have to stretch myself physically and mentally to accomplish my goal.

Did my friends’ reflections alert me that maybe I’m judging my own transition as “hard” when it could be “easy” with an attitude change?

Or maybe it’s neither easy or hard, just high energy. Looking back at how I have been functioning while choosing what to do with all the things in my house, I realize that sometimes I’ve thought, “this is hard, I don’t want to do this.” I’m feeling trapped.
However, it was I who dreamed of Hiking Lifestyle as I walked the trails. It is I who have said, “when I’m hiking there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.”

I wasn’t saying, “I’d rather be in my store room fingering things from my past”. So, am I confusing things by now complaining that I have attracted to myself the dissolution of my life in a house?

How can I, in my thoughts, my words, my actions, and yes, my feelings, be co-creative in the flow that is opening up for me the dream I have created? How can I make this “easy”?

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