15 Days ’til Nomadic Lifestyle Begins: Contributing

A Welcome Memory
A Welcome Memory


Whoosh! The days are flying by. Now that Spring has sprung, I’ll bet the momentum will pick up even more. Transformation of The House from my family’s humble, unadorned lifestyle to styled and high-end chic, is underway in earnest.



  • Painters have arrived, eager to ply their trade at dawn.
  • A designer, enthused about the “challenge” of staging this house, has piled boxes of fans, lights, fixtures and paint in my front hall.
  • Realtor and General Contractor talk on the phone, conferring about the cost effectiveness of refurbishing the back deck.

How am I feeling about all of this? Complacent and surrendering. This is not my home any more! This is a showpiece to attract someone else! The friendly blue of the exterior that welcomed me home is succumbing to a neutral cream. When asked what I think of the color, I say, “It’s not my opinion that counts! It’s all up to Randy! It’s not important to attract ME. In fact, it’s best to NOT attract me because I want to leave!”

I’m hanging lights, installing new bathroom fixtures, and painting walls – for an unknown buyer. My heart opens to their delight with this home. Its energy draws them in. It’s full of potential for happiness and LIFE!

Meanwhile, my focus is on contributing to people in my community in a last round of Satori games! Satori is the Radical Forgiveness Board Game that I love using as an energy shifting tool in my practice as a coach. Before I move away I wanted to have all my friends and clients play! I’ve been sending out emails, creating events on Facebook, and talking with people.

I want to CONTRIBUTE this powerful, fun, and surprising activity! There’s a long list of house tasks to perform, but I’m deferring those to others so I can play! For me, THIS play is my joyful work, my contribution to my community! And that’s something that I have to do myself!

Come play!

Play Satori

Play Satori and Awaken




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