Zero Day

June 19, 2016

First zero day (day 17) Luxuriating at Cobblestone Inn in Waynesboro, PA. A Zero Day is hiker lingo for a day with no hiking!
They have a grill out on the lawn of the inn. We used it to support our canister stove to cook salmon patties from WalMart, which is literally  next  door! Yeah, I have mixed feelings about shopping there, but give in to the convenience. In addition to off-trail food, we bought another fuel canister ($5 instead of $12 at Big Meadows!), and I replaced my underwear, an important clothing strategy – either buy a new pair or include in a maildrop every few weeks.
Catching up on journaling, researching itinerary details for later, soaking in the hot tub, drinking water, eating fresh food, ressssting, watching a Clint Eastwood movie, and chatting with another family’s members gathering for a wedding. The mental and physical break from the trail is rejuvenating. Even something I love as much as walking and sleeping  in the woods is enhanced  by stepping away for a day!

Back to the trail tomorrow, refreshed and renewed and rested.

In joy,
Happy day, yesterday, crossing into Pennsylvania

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