Stepping into a Dream


This is my favorite view in my Ridgerunning Section on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve been by this spot over a dozen times now in my four seasons of working here.

Today, I’m recalling the first time I snapped a photo of the vista.  My dream of walking in service to others was new then!  How I have stepped since then!

My confidence in my message is stronger.
I have clear products to produce.
I have successful clients!
I have a Satori Host Training series.
I am single.
I have invested cash instead of a house.

All have been steps of various sizes and difficulties and they are steps just the same in the direction of my walking in service vision.

What’s your dream? What steps are you and have you taken to walk into it?

Take one today!

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  1. AWESOME!!! You must have SOooooo many stories to share!! Walking the Appalachian trail…oh and you must have met up with so many “critters”!!! It will be exciting to read about this now! “Walking in service to others” Its what life is all about…Happy Birthday precious sister in Faith!

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