My Job is to MAKE Peace

AndreaOwen, in her Monday Kick Ass Quote, shared the following: Woen

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”
-Dalai Lama 

Her response was this:

“Quick reality check: Can’t change anything that’s already happened, so might as well make peace with it. Plus, the fastest way I know how to get happier about anything, is to make peace with it.
You don’t have to love it, or even like it. Just make peace.
Interesting quote today. About making peace. Just make peace.”

To my surprise, I noticed a visceral response to reading this. My belly tightened and I felt a stifling tightness all over.
“But how?” I wondered out loud.

A memory flashed.
My mom and the nuns were always saying that. But they didn’t appear peaceful. They looked resigned and burdened to me, but not peaceful.

Fast forward to today. I’m so glad that now I have a way to MAKE peace. I start by allowing the UNpeace to be there and loving myself feeling that.
That’s the first three steps of 13 that take about 10 minutes.

I thanked Andrea and her response reminding me that making peace is something I now know how to DO! And that my job is to teach others how to do it. Her message inspires me into action on my guided walk audio to deliver peaceMAKING.

And that kicks ass! My ass!

In joy,

Helping stifled souls love and express themselves fearlessly and walk into their dream.

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