Gray Sunrise

November 29, 2017

In our 47 consecutive days of watching the sunrise, today’s is the most unique. All grayness. Still beautiful in its subtlety, yet most different from my sunrise stereotype. A message for me about forming expectations and judging certain qualities as good or bad. Do I focus on what’s missing? Perhaps indulging in gray can be beneficial. One friend said she likes gray days. They are more restful. 

Step Six of the Thirteen steps asks “Are you willing to release your need to judge the situation as either right or wrong good or bad? Even if you can’t explain how can you simply allow the situation to be perfect just the way it is?” The gray sunrise reminds me of Step Six.

Try them out yourself just! 

The Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness 

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  1. My meditation training is to label _____ as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Good and bad are inherent judgments.

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