Gratitude Celebration 60: Continue

I’ve reached my sixtieth post in what I had innocently started as a project to celebrate my sixtieth birthday by thanking sixty people for their contribution to my life. My first list, to see if I could come up with sixty people to thank, reached 94 within the first 45 years of my life! And those were just the ones I have a story about!  I realized this was a bigger and richer project than I had thought.  As I have remembered, cried, laughed, and smiled, I have also discovered patterns of growth and certain threads of consistent challenges that have been weaving through my life.

I’ve also noticed that every time a person has brought something that has challenged me to grow, there have been others who came at the same time with approval and support.  That speaks of a larger plan, I believe it’s a Divine Plan, that’s inherent in everything that has happened. I noticed, as I chronicled my journey through its players along my way, that I have never had more than I could handle, or a challenge that I had to meet alone.  That’s a comforting thought!

Although many of my posts express gratitude for more than one person, sometimes a whole group of people, there are still names popping into my head and my heart.  In this post, my last of this series, I will simply list more people for whom I am grateful in my life! My heart swells and sees the beauty of my life!

Gail Lash cleared my energy of blaming my mom for my shortcomings, fears, and limitations.

Cynthia Hizer stopped in Virginia to visit me and gave me a platform for sharing my gifts.

Margaret Putnam supports my work through her own participation and uses her dreams.

Pinky Jackson championed my contribution to parents at The Waldorf School of Louisville and adopted Simon for some family adventures.
Don Terry served as a benevolent adversary for my certainty that sensory awareness is the best entry into effective outdoor education when he hired me to assist with staff training at Woodland Altars.

Pete Zugger  and Tim joined me as an ally in that quest
Suzanne Webb lit up my life as a nature program assistant, neighbor, and lifelong friend

Linda Cocchiarella, Susie, and Suzanne from the Quality Buying Club made those monthly gatherings fulfilling.

Lynn Robinson shared her son Seth with me and my boys in Evansville

Andrew and Shea Darian took me under their wing as a new student of Waldorf education.

Jill Hemminger in Evansville was a faithful carpool friend for Evansville Philharmonic Chorus rehearsals.

The Washburns in Arlington shared their backyard for me to grow more vegetables.

Loren, Marina, Janet in Arlington believed in macrobiotics and showed me how to use it.

Pam in Evansville became a homeschool partner and co-parenting friend, plus an amazing Satori Game player at just the right time

Judi and Paul Aucoin, Larry and Jan Cruiser, and Paula and Terry, Phil and Marge  in Evansville were fantastically perfect neighbors.

Karen Rockstar Keller made me smile on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Deanna Hohnhorst and Debbie Unterman invented Satori, the game that plays my life!


To all who have blessed me and my life and I have not yet named, it’s not for lack of honor, just my inadequate memory that I have not thought of you……………….yet!  In my soul, you are most deeply appreciated!




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