Experiencing Separation

Now that I’ve “awakened” to the possibility that my experience of separation from ease and joy and physical hardship is only PART of the reality of Heaven and Earth, it’s impossible to convince myself that I’m REALLY alone, even though it feels like that at the moment.

And I’m really working on it too!  Even as I’m sharing thoughts and questions and inspiring videos with my Facebook Friends, I’m trying to convince myself that no one really cares about me or my work. Isn’t that interesting?!!

Could it be that my Ego, that part of me that strives to give me the experience of separation that I chose to have as a human being, is really doing a fantastic job?!! It’s working overtime to keep offering its messages, “You’re alone! You’ve forgotten who you really are! Don’t pay attention to all these other souls, you are invisible, separate, and alone! They may be hinting at love, but they don’t really mean it!”

And yet, here’s the paradox. I’ve ALSO experienced Radical Forgiveness, and I use the tools all the time to shift my energy from separation to self love and unity. So, the loneliness and isolation can’t stand on its own, it can only argue for recognition.

OK loneliness.  OK separation. OK isolation. I see you. I notice you. I acknowledge that I’m having my human experience. I’ll do the Four Steps Emerge-n-see process.

Step one: Look what I created!  (A feeling of separation!)

Step Two: I notice my judgments and feelings and love myself for having them. (Done!)

Step Three: I am willing to see perfection in the situation.  (OK. I’m willing.)

Step Four:  I choose peace. (OK. That’s not so hard, now!)

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