“Everyday Miracles” wins!

I won a contest!!
Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, posted on my Facebook timeline that he had chosen my suggestion for the subtitle of his new book, 25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness.

“Everyday Miracles”, I had submitted. Why? Because using the simple tools of Radical Forgiveness gets results! When I use them, things shift so wonderfully in my life that it seems like miracles!

And the more I use Radical Forgiveness in the small, everyday upsets- fear in my business, disagreement with my partner, separation from others, feelings of unworthiness in my family, judgment of government and social leaders – the easier it gets to experience peace, creativity, and connection.

Each time I experience that shift from fear and separation to peace and love, feels like a little miracle that I helped create!

Everyday, I can have a miracle!

I want a world of Everyday Miracles! That’s why I became a Radical Forgiveness coach. I get to be with courageous heartsingers while they’re dipping their toes into everyday miracles on a regular basis!

Every season a group of us embarks on a journey into this land of everyday miracles to learn to use these simple tools.

Our late winter journey starts soon! Join us!

Journey to YOUR Heartland:STORIES

Next journey begins February 15

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