Close to Both Earth and Heaven

James River from Fullers Rocks, VA
James River from Fullers Rocks, VA







Today, I sat in one of my favorite spots on the Appalachian Trail, overlooking the James River. Sitting on this rock ledge, a hiker looks south to the ridges that she has traversed over the past days while walking north.

Here, I drink in the sensory delights of rocks and air and sky and light, glad to be grounded in the physical world of Earth! At the same time, I reflect on the passing of my brother who chose to leave this realm for the non-physical experience of Heaven. In this place, magically, I feel closer to BOTH worlds! Grounded in the physical realm, yet easily imagining and subtly sensing the spiritual realm.

I love my Earthly experience, yet honor his choice to join the Spiritual world. At Peace. At Joy. One with All! Blessings to you, brother Paul!

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