Baby Backpacking and a Story

October 4, 2017

I took my 9-month old grandson to the start of the Appalachian Trail Approach! So cute and filled with promise! Then, his mom and I walked up to a heartsinging favorite, the Len Foote Hike Inn! The Hike Inn is a backcountry inn accessible only by a five-mile path up a mountain in North Georgia. I’ve stayed there many times, mostly with a complementary stay as a volunteer. It feels like home to me, so in a way, I was welcoming my family to my home!

My heart sang too as I supported Jessica, Felix’s mom, in her own accomplishment of carrying her son up the mountain.  We bonded as mother and daughter. “We could make this an annual event!” she mused. Sounds good to me! Felix was in good spirits for the journey and the favorite among the other guests, of course. Jessica felt proud to hear that babies are rare visitors to the Hike Inn.

My heart sang as well when I gave my Moon program that evening to fulfill my volunteer agreement. It’s the one I share at my winter home at the Visitor Center in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California. “It’s the same Moon we have out there!” I joked, creating a heart connection between the two places.

A Story to Share

It’s the fourth, and concluding, week of Laura West’s 30-Day Passion Project. The project I chose for support and accountability has been to play for 30 days with illustrations for a nature story I wrote for a program at Anza-Borrego. Allowing myself the time and the permission to Do it imperfectly, have taken me on a fulfilling inner journey!

My mom became my model for the story’s wise grandmother figure and my older grandson the model for another page. Painting from photos of them provided bonding moments with them! I discovered that the paintings I’ve made could work for the story! This week, I declared that I intend to take one more bold action in my project this week. One step, I realized could be to share my current draft with you!

Here’s the link to the story. Enjoy! And please comment!


And please reply to this email and let me know what’s happening on YOUR Inner Journey this week!

In joy,


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  1. Thanks for the memories. We stayed at the Len Foote the night before we began our 2012 thruhike. They were so kind there, and even sent me off with some gluten free treats for our hike. I’ll never forget their hospitality. Instigator and Expeditor Sharing the Insanity

  2. I LOVE your nature story about how to touch the cactus! It was perfect for me. You have a built in market, at the shop at the Park. I bet it will be a best seller! WONDERFUL!!!! Please write more!

  3. Karen, that’s great that you stayed there! And, then we met on the trail in Virginia! Thanks for staying in touch!

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