Trail Journals Photos – 2013 Continental Divide Trail – Who is the tallest hiker?

The Govt Shutdown changed my plan to send daily photos! Yesterday was my last day working at Yellowstone Park as a room attendant for the Xanterra concession company. Originally, my contract offered a job until Oct. 16. With the park closed and no tourists allowed, there’s no need for Old Faithful Inn, so we spent three days closing it down for winter. Closing for winter is a normal occurrence, but this year it happened a week early.

With my Yellowstone stay over, my Wyoming Walk, in my mind, is officially complete! So, today’s installment of photos will give a sampling of the final five days of the journey! those days went quickly for me too (Well, except for the last one, in which that last 15 miles seemed to take forever!).

During that last stretch, John and I continued on our own, as Gary chose a different route and a faster pace. John and I took a day’s rest at a remote dude ranch near the trail. Then, we continued on a common route for the CDT, climbing the exquisite and remote Temple Pass, where we camped at over 10,000 ft altitude.

Temple Pass was our last high pass, after which we eased our way down from the Wind River Range and descended gradually through the foothills and down even more to South Pass City, where we ended our hike – and John celebrated his completion of the entire 3,000+ miles of the Continental Divide Trail.

Two days of creative traveling brought us back to Old Faithful and the beginning of our employment with Xanterra for a little over one month.

I’ve added photos with little stories for each of the days seventeen through twenty-one. Peruse them all or check out just a few. If nothing else, please open the photos from 08/22/2013 when we traversed Temple Pass. What a wonder it is!

I’d love to hear your comments and questions about my journey. Especially, I’d love to hear what your own journey provides for your soul.

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Note that at the top of this page: Who’s the Tallest Hiker, there’s a scroll bar to choose which photo you want to view. You can click through all of them in sequence using the “Next” button or use the scroll bar to select your choice.

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