Maine Ideas: A Disneyworld Opportunity

Mahoosuc NotchWindowRoot WebIt could be in Disneyworld! Imagine this. You walk through a lush garden of waist high flowers, golden leaves, moss blanketed rocks. A white arrow painted on a big rock slab points to an opening, beckoning you to enter. You crawl through the dark hole, and before you lay a pathway of alluring rocks, draped in green moss. Branches take on fantasy animal shapes, webbed roots form puzzling gateways.

Up, down, through holes and caves, ledges and cracks, you twist, stretch, climb, and turn your body. You step across chasms between lichen-covered boulders, just far enough apart for a thrilling step, hearing water running in the depths below. Another arrow points the way, faded and a little vague. Is THAT the way, down into the dark? You look closer. Yes. There are more arrows down there! You lower yourself down the smooth slide and crawl under the great slab and out the other side, pushing yourself up through the slit into the light.

For two hours, this fantastic journey unfolds, calling forth your spirit of adventure, endurance, intrigue, and danger. At last you emerge from around one last jagged boulder and walk through a garden on the other end. Wide eyed explorers ready to enter from the opposite side ask how it was.

Sounds like a perfectly marvelous adventure land for Disneyworld, eh? Well, it actually exists on the Appalachian Trail and it’s named Mahoosuc Notch! One mile of jumbled boulders trapped in a notch between two mountains forms this maze of gymnastic feats. Passage through The Notch was just part of one day in the Mahoosuc Range in Maine!Garden

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