Inner Flame


I was up during the night reading the Trail Journal of a woman struggling on the Appalachian Trail. Her friend requested trail angel help in the form of slackpacking – shuttling her pack so she can walk w/o gear.

Judgements surge! If she had my coaching she’d be delving into her Inner Journey!

Fast forward…… to taking back this projection to the possibility that it’s MY Inner Journey work to be done!

What arose in my Nonsenses Immersion was a flame of creative empowerment, capped with a gem of spiritual light in the spectrum of wholeness. The characteristic blending of all the energies to create each other was felt strongly.

The call to ask for help taking MY next steps, considering lightening my burden, perhaps?

Perfect Love by Barbara wrapped up the exercise. Maybe that hiker would enjoy Katahdin Sojourn for motivation!

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