May 24, 2016
I’m driving through Atlanta, Georgia, thinking, “Wow! This feels so familiar, yet has just a tiny twinge of longing to be home here. I HAVE  a home, and it’s now in the California desert, not here in Dekalb County as it was for twelve years. That was my past!”

Nonsenory Immersion feels grounding, expanding, acceptable, yes, and even essential as a part of my consistent message. Today, there’s no question of whether I would do this exercise. It is a welcome moment in my day!

So I continue the journey!

Do you have a habit or practice that energizes, balances, and uplifts your being? I want to hear about it!!! Please comment here!

HeartSinging Walk Community is a space where courageous heartsingers share and support each other in creating radiantly fulfilling walks on the Appalachian Trail. Join us!

In joy,

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