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What’s it like to experience a Forgiveness Walk? Here’s what Aimee said after her walk:

“This has been an amazing experience just being in this and still being in it.

That was so strange!  Strange in a good way! During the walk I started to realize that I have the rest of my body here! I felt lighter, above the ground a little bit. I was more in my walk than I have ever been!

I’m on my regular hiking trail where I usually hike kind of fast. I’m always aware of my feet and my steps. With this walk, Regina, I forgot about my feet and became aware of  my whole body II don’t usually notice my body that much. Really cool experience!

Aimee Gralton


I noticed heightened awareness around my chest and my heart.I thought that I actually have a heart that’s beating. I can feel my heart beating as what’s keeping me alive. It was very exciting. I’m connected as a spiritual being with myself and with Nature.” 

Aimee Gralton, Trail Dame

So, what is a Forgiveness Walk?

It’s a walk that you do at your own pace in your own venue guided by the songs and visualizations of Barbara Hotz and Regina Reiter. Barbara’s songs evoke her own journey on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Regina brings her guidance as a long-distance hiker and Radical Forgiveness Coach  to help you awaken your five physical senses, to charge your seven energy “nonsenses” and finally to clear away emotional obstacles in your path to loving yourself and others just as you are!

Barbara Hotz

Barbara speaks about Wild Wind











Regina Reiter
Walk Guide 

Developer of Forgiveness Walks
Regina helps you walk into YOUR dream








Regina developed Forgiveness Walks to support her own fulfillment as a joyously prosperous, fully expressed Nature Lover and outdoor guide. She helps courageous heartsingers love themselves just as they are and clear their path of emotional obstacles and walk into their own dream.

Let Barbara and Regina guide you in this audio program that you can use on your own walks!

  • Feel energized

  • Focused

  • Fully alive and loving your body

  • Balanced and creative

  • Accepting of yourself and others


While you WALK!

Table of Contents

·         Wild Wind; Barbara Hotz

·         A Sensory Awakening Walk;  Regina

·         Wells of Ireland; Barbara Hotz

·         Rainbow Energy Walk; Regina

·         No Compass; Barbara Hotz

·         The Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, led by Regina

·         Perfect Love; Barbara Hotz

·         There’s Enough; Barbara Hotz

Here’s a 7-minute preview  of the songs and walks.

Listen to it streaming here:

Use this button to download and listen while you walk:

The first song, Wild Wind, will get you walking for sure!

Listen to it streaming here:

Use this button to download and listen while you walk:


Ready for the whole program to use on your walks at home? I can use your help in testing this program before its final edits and publication ($27 value).  If you’d like to try it out on your own walk, just click this link to share your contact information and get download links for all the tracks and User’s Guide. Thanks!

Walk for a Singing Heart

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