Unstuff for the Holidays

Unstuff for the Holidays

 Are you

  • Dreading thanksgiving and the holidays?
  • Feeling stressed and resentful?
  • Settling for relationships that are unfulfilling
  • Feeling guilty

Is your Gratitude spiced with resentment that you’re stuffing down?

I can help you

Have YOUR story witnessed and validated

  • Unstuff resentments safely
  • Love yourself fearlessly just as you are
  • Really genuinely Open your heart to others just as they are
  • Feel filled with gratitude not just food

 Join me for my personal coaching experience:

Unstuff for the Holidays

Four 30-minute calls in a week

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  • Vibrant and alive
  •  Engaged and included
  •  Freely and lovingly expressive
  • Genuinely grateful

Value: $97-$297

Yours today through Dec 15 at just $47

 Four 30-min calls scheduled within a week

Mp3 tips and visualizations, and songs chosen for you

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Not sure you need this? Take my quick and easy Stuffing Test here:


Are you alone and don’t want to be?

Do holidays wear you out emotionally?

Are you nervous about what’s going to come up at the family gathering and it’s best to carefully steer conversations to safe topics?

Do you say, “Im fine” and not really mean it?

Do you hold your tongue and not say anything?

Do you eat too much and then regret it?

Do you say, “I’m over it!” then launch into talking about how bad it or he or she is?

Do you go to the family gathering feeling that you don’t fit in, they’re all different, and you’d best not say what’s really going on with you?

Do you think all these questions are rhetorical because holding one’s tongue, feeling alone and different, and holding people responsible for the wrong they’ve done are proper behaviors for civil family gatherings?


If you can say “Yes” to any of these questions or you feel even a bit defensive about any of them or you are thinking, “That’s not me, but they are just like that”


Then there’s a possibility that you may be stuffing your true feelings.


And guess what?


That’s perfectly OK!!


You ARE loveable just the way you are.


There’s nothing you need to change.




If you would PREFER having

  • Vibrant energy
  •  Fulfilling relationships
  •  Freedom from your past


join me in four days of Unstuffing!


I can teach you some simple, easy and powerful questions to ask yourself when these situations arise, maybe even before they arise.

I can witness and validate your story

I can guide you to experience lightness, freedom, and acceptance of yourself and others just as you are.


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Here’s what others have experienced working with Regina



Little by little you helped me feel better about everything I was feeling bad about.  You helped me reframe my money story. You helped me see that I could make a commitment to do The Work about my money story. You couldn’t help me with the family stuff, and you did say you were sorry that happened to me, which is all I wanted anyone to notice anyway, that incest has been a hard story for me to deal with.  I’ve done a good job, proof is I’m out West with horses, which is what I couldn’t do before, because it was the setting for incest.  Now I can be with horses without the incest story taking over.  Proves I’ve come a long way.


So I ended up feeling more connected again, happy to be here with people who act like they like me, laugh at my jokes, and aren’t mean to me.  That’s what I thought family does, and so these people are my family.


Thanks for being a skillful sister when I need you.  Thanks also for pointing out that I was a good sister for you, so I’m just getting back what I put out.


Thanks for reading my stories and cheering me for being a good writer.





I had feelings bottled u inside me that I

I thought I had dealt with it. The walk with Regina allowed those feelings to come out. Through the 13

steps it also helped me to realize how to accept my feelings just as they are and not judge them. To be able to kee them in mind while I continue to work on this process. It’s not In the long run I have the tools to help me process and continue to grow and to really forgive myself in the end.


Martha Eskew in response to Satori evening, March 24, 2013


thanks for the very interesting, fun, thought and emotion provoking evening.   Your energy is grounding, confident, allowing – that was nice to be around.  As you could tell, I have spent a lot of time and heart around the situation I used to play the game, in ways I am tired of it which showed up as a resistance to go there, yet I did, and it is producing some new moves for me.    My desire to get home and have a decent night of sleep kept me a bit on edge at the end and unable to hang around and soak in the good energy.

I wish you well on your new ventures – I feel the woods all around you, you must be happy in nature and the quiet that holds.

Great game.



Martha Iris Eskew, Head Coach
Leadership & Coaching
139 Robin Hood Road
Atlanta, Ga 30309


And then from Deanna in Florida:

Thanks Regina! The sound quality of your recording was great on my cell. The content even better!  Your story reminded me of a space on the Satori game. “You spot it, you got it” I too have been struggling with some judgments and negative self-talk at my new job. The rose solution is perfect!  I am going to listen again until I’ve got that. Practicing Radical Forgiveness this way leaves me smelling the fresh scent of a rose.Nice! I may even begin to use gardenia as well. In flower lore, the scent of gardenia can remind one of their purpose and bring one closer to Spirit.  How heavenly is that? Perhaps for crowd/group instances a whole bouquet is in order with a mix of rose, gardenia and a bit of soothing lavender. In fact, as I write this, I am inspired to try it out. Thank you for providing the foundational message and sharing your story with me.  Love from DeAnna





I’m not into board games, but I played the game to be a gracious host.  It turned out to be interesting, even though it went on a little long.  A lot of neat stuff came out, like reflecting on some of my actions and motives from the past.  It was a good tool for that. It brought out some issues I need to continue to be aware of, so it was important for that. I need to be more vigilant about how important family and friends are and to be a real and loving person and accessible to them.  I’ll check your website and contact my son and encourage him to do that too.

Norris Carpenter


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Value: $97-$297

Yours today through Dec 15 at just $47

Four 30-min calls scheduled within a week

Mp3 tips and visualizations, and songs chosen for you

Email contact as needed


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