Regina specializes in helping courageous women who are already rich with life-experience to clear their path of the blocks of old emotional baggage and limiting self beliefs and walk, step-by-step into their dream. Women who work with Regina discover and develop healthy self-love and authentic self-expression.

From this cleared pathway, Regina’s clients create their dream of attracting healthy relationships, living at peace, or achieving a goal they didn’t think they could, like hiking the Appalachian Trail!

Working with Regina begins with a personal one-on-one conversation for you to vibrantly explore your dream, identify what’s blocking you from it, and imagining what support and learning might help you get there.  If you choose to work with Regina, we’ll customize a package that’s just right for you and your chosen investment!

At Forgiveness Walks we don’t “follow” our dreams, we STEP INTO THEM!


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