NO! That’s NOT a Miracle


I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been there before – for a long time.

“This is no miracle!

Miracles have to be big and brashy and widespread and bold!

It’s pure coincidence that you got those results, Regina! It had nothing to do with anything you did, except that maybe you actually volunteered to help for a change and considered someone else’s feelings and needs for a change.”

Well, that’s certainly one way of looking at it, and I’ve looked at things like that myself.

But, I can’t deny, after using the tools of Radical Forgiveness,  that I feel differently about myself. I actually like myself more and I volunteer more and I invite more. It’s not a coincidence that the more I respect and honor myself the more others respond with respect. They notice me and see value in what I offer and include me in their events.

I’m inviting you now, to look at your own life.

Are you showing up authentically?   OR Being sarcastic or silent.

Are you feeling respected, honored, cherished?   OR Unacceptable, shunned, neglected.

Are you loving your work? Stepping into your dreams?  OR Putting things off, waiting for things to get better.

What makes these small events miracles?!!

These might seem like insignificant events to most people, hardly worth shouting about, but for shy and unworthy-feeling people like me, these are significant. In saying, “significant”, I put emphasis on the word “SIGN” at the root. These tiny miracles are signs that I’m living out of a New Story because I am experiencing myself and others differently than before.

In my New Story, I believe that I have value to share, that I am respected, that I am patient and organized. When I believe I possess those qualities and love that about myself, then I ACT that way. When I act that way, the people around me respond with respect and cooperation. It seems so simple, and yet miraculous because it’s so different from my past experience!

In the past, I felt separate and unimportant. Others were always the organizers. I was in the background. If I contributed a dish, it would be shunned with comments like, “Eww. What’s this?!!”  And my work as a Radical Forgiveness Coach?  Too weird and too expensive!

What’s really wonderful about having miracles like this in my life is that I can attribute having a New Story to something I DID!

I used the tools of Radical Forgiveness.

13 Steps
Radical Forgiveness Worksheets
Self-Forgiveness Worksheets
Satori Games

I’m a very practical person and need something to DO, not just a theory or explanation. That’s what I love about Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness lifestyle.

  • It’s practical
  • It’s easy
  • It’s simple
  • It gets visible results too! 

I’m sharing one of these powerhouse tools with you for FREE until the end of 2013. See what miracles are in store for YOU.

Join me here to get  The Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness

Click this link and get a free mp3 download of The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness to test out for yourself. This process was written by Colin Tipping, the author of Radical Forgiveness. I’m sharing it in my voice with his permission and encouragement to create a world of Forgiveness and Love ASAP!

The Thirteen Steps to Radical Forgiveness

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