Featured Forgiveness Walker

Deanna Hohnhorst

Deanna walked at Arabia Mountain, GA, clearing her Old Story of limiting beliefs about her career and accomplishments. At the end of her walk, she stood victorious atop “Mt. Deanna,” to proclaim her new story. That was in 2010. In December, 2012, Deanna moved to her new home in Florida and started a  new job.

She’s also growing her client base of landscape design customers in her “dream” business, Angel Gardens. She designs sanctuaries in the home and workplace, collaborating with the spirit of the land. Her plant choices are informed by her extensive knowledge of traditional plant lore and aromatherapy.

She designs gardens all over the US. Call her for a consultation at  404-915-7500.

Atop "Mt. Deanna"
Proclaiming a New Story

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