Winter Walk In Pennsylvania

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail
January 2 – 22, 2014

What a lovely walk John and I had for 6 days in the snowy mountains of Pennsylvania! Enjoy this 5-minute slide show featuring Barbara Hotz singing “Wild Wind” and a few words of explanation from me! Highlights of this walk included:

  • Super Trail Angel help from my sister, Betsy!
  • Fireplaces with split wood in every shelter!
  • Beautiful snow starting the second day!
  • Crisp, cold, fresh water from mountain streams
  • Moderate walking on a well-marked trail

Please comment after you watch! Post your questions too!


One Reply to “Winter Walk In Pennsylvania”

  1. Hi Regina!

    Prairie Dog and I found you out here and wanted to say hi! It was a delight to watch your slideshow walk through Pennsylvania. After our successful 2013 thru hike, I am home and doing meaningful work but my wanderlust for the AT is strong as ever with the weather turning so fully toward Spring with teases of Summer. Prairie Dog has just quit her re-entry job and is working on reinventing herself.

    Thanks for letting folks peek at your story. Most of us have had messiness — me included! Fond memories of you.

    Blessings on your journey,

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