Wild Wind Songfest

DSC_0079Barbara Hotz, songwriter for ForgivenessWalks will be sharing the songs soon to be released together with my energy-shifting visualizations.  Let yourself go in the melodies and words of Barbara’s songs that invite us to journey into our hearts. Then, awaken your senses, and immerse your soul in all the colors of the rainbow in a rich color exercise only available in this mini-retreat. In this four-hour collaboration of music, words, color adventure, and visualizations, you’ll feel

Vibrant energy
Openness to fulfilling relationships
Warm self-love

Here’s a taste of Wild Wind Songfest

Listen here to our opening song:  Wild Wind

Wild Wind Songfest
Sunday, February 9, 2014
3-6:30 P.M
Waldorf School of Atlanta, Decatur, GA

Let Wild Wind call you to your journey here:


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“I had no idea what I was going to experience at the Wild Wind Songfest, but I know you, Regina, so I came. I discovered I carried in me a cloud column of chakra colors that I can access at any time!  Already, just a few days since the event, I’ve accessed that tool for myself and for a client!  I awoke the other night feeling very unhappy about a family situation that’s not mine to solve. I thought, “I have these emotions and feelings, how can I take care of myself?” Your Nonsenses Charging exercise came to mind, and I lay in bed and pulled those colors up to do what they wanted to do. In just a few minutes, I felt relaxed and peaceful and got back to sleep.

Just the other day, I shared this tool with an artist client who gladly received it with gratitude for quickly charging her energy core with colors.

Oh, and another thing I experienced during the workshop was the refreshing experience of being musical! I have been very uncomfortable with singing for decades, but you and Barbara created a safe opening for me to join in the singing without judgment, accepting me just as I am!

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely voice!”

Maureen Nolan


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