What She Said

A Dreaming AT Hiker comments:

“My husband wants me to wait a year to save up, to spend and experiment with all things before going on a through hike. I want to start in June, 2016, maybe not finish, maybe hike for 3-5 months. I’ll be on SS, not very much, but enough to hike I think. Give me your thoughts. I know it is my decision. I’ve been backpacking for years, but never on my own. I have most all gear, but I need a few things, lighter stove, pad and such. Sunday was actually the first day I’ve been 13 miles. In fairly good shape, hike or bike almost daily and I live in the mountains.”

My response:

Touching into YOUR heart, YOUR purpose, and attendance to the five essential areas of consideration as outlined in the article I shared with you, could clear your path to this very personal choice. Your husband may be the voice on the outside mirroring an inside voice encouraging you to consider the Inner Journey that’s already part of the Outer Journey. All of this choosing counts as your personal fulfillment of your AT journey. Short walks on the AT for this year, followed by a thru-hike next year could be a satisfying way of creating a relationship with the trail. No reason to limit ourselves to a single passing of the path! What a rich life experience you describe!!

Those Five Surprising Essentials?

  • Know your Trail
  • Consider your Timing
  • Love your Gear
  • Create Support for your Journey
  • Master and Practice Energy Shifting Tools

Learn more about these Five Essentials today!

Five Surprising Essentials for a Radiantly Fulfilling Walk

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