Welcome to Regina’s Meet the Mountains Technique!

Stop Huffing and Puffing up mountains!


Welcome to Regina’s Meet the Mountains Technique! I’m so excited that you received this opportunity to learn HOW to walk up mountains with ease! Discovering this easy technique after struggling up dozens of mountains by sheer will power, turned my climbing from dread to happy – or at least neutral – anticipation!  What surprised me is what a big difference it makes to pay attention to two simple aspects of walking up a mountain.

 My breathing rhythm
My stepping rhythm

Putting those two things together gives me unlimited options for finding an easy pace that I can maintain – without even stopping – all the way up a mountain!  Try it yourself after watching my video and/or listening to the audio.  Both are recordings of live sessions with women longing to stop huffing and puffing up mountains!

This page outlines the four steps of your journey to Meet the Mountains!  Enjoy!

Step One: PrepareStep
Two: Watch
Three: Listen
Step Four: Practice and Journey Forth

Here’s what Diane said after using Regina’s Meet the Mountains Technique:

“I am so thankful for Regina. She taught me her “Meet The Mountains” technique during a phone call coaching session. It was really easy to learn and she provided clear instructions as I practiced doing it over the phone. She has such a comfortable, easy-going nature. Since our phone call, I have used the technique several times during my training and it has come so naturally. I find myself just counting and doing the rhythm as if I have always been doing it. I am training for a hike on the Appalachian Trail. I can’t wait to get to the mountains and try it out. Thanks again Regina!”         -Diane Gilmore

Let’s get started!

Step One: Prepare

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return to it!  There are several free resources for you to use to ease your step and to get the support you need to walk into your dream of hiking!

  • Video of Regina demonstrating her Meet the Mountains technique
  • Audio of a live phone session teaching  Regina’s Meet the Mountains technique
  • An invitation to set up a free chat with Regina to inspire your next step
  • Links to other free resources, classes, and programs to Clear Your Path of obstacles, explore the Five Essentials to Creating a Radiantly Fulfilling Walk, and read Regina’s blog with stories of how she practices what she teaches on her own walks!

Step Two: Watch

Here’s a video demonstration of Regina’s Meet the Mountains technique filmed near Harper’s Creek Shelter on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Thanks to Carla Robertson for recording it!

Step Three: Listen

This 22 minute audio is a recording of Regina teaching Diane live, including questions, comparing Meet The Mountains with the Rest Step, and suggestions for practicing. The audio wraps up with Barbara Hotz, Regina’s music muse, singing Wild Wind. Enjoy!

My audio is stored at audioacrobat.com which has not been working lately! If it won’t download, text me at 937-623-4542 and I can talk you through it!

Download and listen here:
Click here to download…


Step Four: Practice & Journey Forth!

Congratulations! You’ve got a technique for walking up mountains with ease! Now, take it out with you on a walk! I want to hear how this works for you!  Please visit my calendar below and set up a phone chat to follow up with a report of how this technique works for you and what rhythm your body discovered to make walking up mountains easy!

I would be delighted and honored to chat with you about other ways I can support you in walking into your dream!

    • Personal coaching to clear emotional baggage
    • Group classes to develop tools to let your heart sing
    • In-person or virtual guided walks
    • Workshops and retreats to lighten your step and create radiantly fulfilling walks
    • Occasional blog posts about using Regina’s techniques in Inner and Outer Journeys

Thank you for joining me in Regina’s Meet the Mountains Technique!  I am thrilled that you came! I look forward to walking with you more as your journey unfolds!  Please stay in touch!

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In joy!


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