Welcome to Clearing My Path 5-Day Journey


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We will meet every day August 6 – 10, 2020
at 7 p.m.  Eastern Time
via Zoom at this link: https://forgivenesswalks.com/ClearingMyPathZoomLink

Day One: Telling our stories. What are your obstacles to walking the Appalachian Trail? In this session, we’ll take turns sharing in a lighthearted game the nature of our obstacles. The first step in transforming these troubles into blessings is to witness and validate them and step on a path of loving ourselves and our lives just as we are and just as our lives are! Be ready for listening to others, playing a sharing game, and feeling some feelings! Step on the path in a circle of validation and support!



Day Two: What is the Appalachian Trail, Anyway?

Regina will give you a virtual tour of the AT. What is this dream that you’ve been creating relative to the physical nature of this path? What if the AT is a blank canvas on which you get to paint your own unique version of fulfillment?!!



Day 3: So Many ways to Walk It!

My special guests are all women who have walked the AT or worked with me to fulfill their unique walking dream. Let’s get our creative juices flowing and brainstorm ways that our dreams could unfold! Then, we’ll experience a powerful energy-shifting tool you can use any time to clear your path of emotional obstacles! It’s all about being willing to entertain the possibility that there’s another way of looking at things!



Day 4: Regina’s Five Essentials for Creating a Radiantly Fulfilling Walk of the Appalachian Trail.

Over the years, I’ve realized that just about any question or challenge I’ve had in creating fulfillment fits into one of these five general topics! Today, we’ll hear what they are, then hear about Regina’s unique mentoring program for following through on all five of them for fulfilling your unique dream! I’m hoping this challenge is just the beginning of our journey together!


Five Essentials Guiding Star with colors

Day 5: Energizing Our Guiding Star

We’ll create a beautiful planning sheet so you can start clearing your path! Using all the colors of the rainbow, we’ll imbue a diagram of the Five Essentials with energy and inspiration to send us off on our next steps!







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