Way of the Tahoe

April 10, 2018

Yesterday’s fifth anniversay of my divorce invited me to consider how I am embracing my new relationship. I thought, “Why not invent something new rather than continue pitying myself for settling for a similarly shallow relationship?”

Well, it turns out that my partner took care of that. He bought a 4×4 Chevy Tahoe! “Now, we can drive deeper into the desert,” he celebrated. “Not to just drive, but to position ourselves for walking in more remote places.”

I don’t enjoy the bumpy rides on the dirt roads of the desert park where we live. Even though it takes longer to walk, and yes, we don’t get as far out into remote canyons, I feel more connected to the land and scenery when I walk.

Two days into our new life with a Tahoe, I’m considering that he might be right. We’ve camped out twice in remote spots, then walked further into beautiful spaces. I am open to allowing the Tahoe to be a tool supporting a deepening relationship with Nature and him.

Remote location gives a new view
Deeper into the badlands than before

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  1. I reframed your sentence into the 5th anniversary of you becoming single. That’s how I talk about myself. I haven’t been divorced for 28 years, I’ve been single. I like focusing on being single rather than divorced, it’s more true.

    Glad John got a vehicle to take you deeper into the wilderness! I love that remote experience.

  2. Fantastic……..news of the continuing adventure into life is wonderful……thank you Regina.

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