Walking Again

I’m going on another walk.

That’s no surprise, right?

You ask, “Where to now, Regina, the Camino de Santiago, or some other long trail for 6 months or something?”

No. It’s a six-day walk – in Pennsylvania.

I’ll be walking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. It’s 70 miles long and traverses the Laurel Ridge, one of the westernmost ridges of the Appalachian Mountain range.  For a seasoned long distance hiker like me, this is a “short” walk, one that keeps me in shape. I know what gear to take. I don’t have to buy anything new. Choosing food is like shopping for an ordinary week, in fact, I accepted my hiking partner, John’s, offer to do the shopping and love his choices.

And yet, I’m seeing this walk as a pivotal journey in my life!!

Why is that?!!!

I recall one of my life skills teachers, Robert Fritz, when we were choosing our first projects for testing out his “rubber band” analogy for creating what we wanted, saying, “It’s not what it is, it’s what it does!”

And that’s true for this walk. It’s not what it is, it’s what it’s doing in my journey of “joyous prosperity” as a passionate walker.   Let me explain. I’m in the middle of a month of enrolling courageous heartsingers in my first four-week class on transforming STORIES.

How can I “take six days off” to go on a hike?

And that, dear readers, is what makes this a pivotal walk for me! It’s because I am deliberately transforming an Old Story myself! My Old Story is perfectly encapsulated in that statement, so writhing with assumptions, old limiting beliefs, button-pushing words, and projections of unworthiness that I can hear it, taste it, smell it, see it, and feel it in my whole body!

In the past couple of days, I’ve wrestled with a whole range of feelings, judgments, reasons and fears about going on this walk. It would make for a good soap-opera (just ask my partner!).  But, wait! It would NOT make a good soap opera because I’m walking away from my Old Story!

  • I’ve been telling my “story” – with gratitude for my partner loving me having that story.
  • I’ve been feeling my feelings – all of them – and loving myself for being in my feelings about this.
  • I’ve made up a New Story and imagined something heartfelt that I want to BE!
  • I’ve surrendered to the possibility that this situation is purposeful from a spiritual perspective and par t of a Divine Plan for me.
  • I’m integrating the shift in perspective by taking action, sharing what I’m learning, having others witness and validate my transformation.

And now, having taken this Journey into MY HeartLand, I can go for a six-day walk because

Walking is my job!
I am the possibility of being joyously prosperous!

So, I’m going on a walk!

But, before I go, I want to invite you to join me in this course I’m offering! It’s all about sharing with you the nuts and bolts of how I took those five bold steps to turn

“How can I take six days off to go on a hike?” to

“Walking is my job! I am joyously prosperous!”

AND to guide you step-by-step for an entire month on your own journey through them.

Check it out!

Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES

Oh, I had another idea for this! I’m so open to this walk being pivotal that I’m going to cut the price from it’s already low Early Bird rate to a dream-fulfilling, giveaway, you-can’t- go- wrong- to- try- this- anyone-can-afford-this price of $37 for the next six days while I’m walking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail!

Go check it out!

I’m going walking!

In joy,

P.S. At this price, you could take some time to walk too! (With special thanks to Terri Zwierzynski for loving herself just as she is!)

Journey to YOUR HeartLand: STORIES

Journey with Me!
Journey with Me!



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