Trail Journals Photos – 2013 Continental Divide Trail – Dubois KOA

Wyoming Walk Day 11. Town Day!
Today is a “zero” day in Dubois, WY. The focused activities are: laundry, shower, eat, communicate, and, for me do something about my shoes. I really want to continue hiking without hurting feet!
The first tasks were easily accomplished at the KOA and along the one street of Dubois. We chose to rent one of the Kamper Kabins, a one room log hut with a double bed and a bunk. Perfect for the three of us and easier for spreading out our gear than a tent.

The showers here are great and WiFi is available.
I’ve updated my subscribers with a longer email than the 160 character notes I’ve been sending by inReach and made some calls to family members.

We had a big breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe, which seems to be popular with a good portion of the tourists. And there are some other CDT hikers too! Gary was especially happy to meet someone he had met on his previous hike.

John and I took a walk around town in search of shoes. We first checked at the Opportunity Shop, the second hand store here. We both found socks for twenty-five cents! I bought a pair of shorts that can replace my torn ones. I’ll wear them and send my dress home. Although I enjoy the looseness of the dress, it’s warm under my long sleeved shirt which protects my arms from the sun. So, it’s back to shorts and shirt for me. Alas, the only shoes there were Reeboks a full size larger than mine.
We looked at the outfitters too. Again, some super Keens, but only in size 7, which seem a bit too big. I didn’t want to experiment with $128 shoes!

At 3 p.m. I changed my mind about the shoes, having put mine back on. Even with the thin socks, they just cramp my toes too much! I took a walk back to the Opportunity Shop and tried on those size 7 Reeboks. They felt cushy and maybe not too big. I bought them for $4.50 and walked back to KOA with dancing toes.

Last stop in Dubois was the Exxon Station for a ride on the alleged “Jackalope”.
Well, the photo says it all – all out whimsy!

I was almost completely satisfied with our town stop, except for the desire to clean up my inReach communicating. I spent a good hour in the laundry room connected to WiFi in the wee hours of the night, setting up a “recipe” on (If This Then That) to have my Facebook link posts go to my son’s email so he could then share those with my subscribers by email. Maybe that would work.

Something we missed by being in town was the Perseid Meteor Shower. Funny that the nights of celestial activity we were in town instead of on the mountain!
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