Sore Feet

June 15, 2106
Another hiker asked what to do about sore feet from stepping on all the rocks in Virginia. Yes, there are literally mountains of rocks on the trail! Here are some of my thoughts.

I’m all about balancing the Inner Journey with the Outer Journey. What I do with sore feet, after  assessing for physical injury, is go inside myself and ask in there! “Why am I walking? What do you need, feet? How can I step lightly on my journey, on the Earth, on whatever is before me?” Those kinds of questions.
I met a hiker walking through Shenandoah National Park in sandals. He walked like a monk! Each step with singular purpose in itself.
I’ve used arnica tincture for bruises and anointed my feet daily with lavender oil, blessing and honoring them. I believe that you have a beautiful, unique journey that blesses us and the trail. The trail is a blank canvas on which your unique journey is painted.  Maybe there’s an Inner Journey here.


This is the kind of perspective we’ll give to our journeys in my HeartSinging Walk Community. If this resonates with YOU, come take a look!
HeartSinging  Walk Community

Or pass this along to someone who might like this way of preparing for a walk! Thanks!

In joy,

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