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I played Satori, the Radical Forgiveness board game today. This game brought up for healing and release my fear of being out in the world with my dream of enticing others to connect with Nature and with our true nature of being spiritual beings having a human experience.

All of the beliefs and blocks that I chose lead me to really feel that I keep myself hidden in self doubt and afraid to express my passion for my God-given vocation.

In the game, I was inspired to radically forgive my “wasband” (isn’t that a more loving word than “ex-husband”?) AND to love myself feeling jealous of another coach.

My New Stories, “I am totally lovable just the way I am” and “I am so smart” encourage me to open my heart to myself and release my attachment to my Old Stories of selling myself out and being disappointed with how others respond to my marketing efforts.

I love this game for its ability to get energy moving.  Those beliefs get brought to the light and released! Old stories fall away to new ones and I get to love myself just the way I am!

Would you like to playfully transform your old stories into new ones? It’s easy and fun with Satori!

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For more information click here:Play Satori

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