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June 13, 2016
I didn’t notice that the guidebook does say that the “lodge, kitchen, office are open from 5-9 p.m.” in the hostel where we had sent our maildrop box. Hmm. It’s noon, and we got on the trail at 6 a.m. to get here for a rest. There is food in that box to eat for rejuvenation – not available til 5?? Not a happy thought. Hmm.

What a perfect interface between Inner and Outer Journeys!! Click on “Read in browser” to see how this disappointment unfolds into a blessing even better than I had imagined!

The tiny room at the hostel, crammed with 6 bunks, a couch, side chair, and t.v. looked clean. The one hiker already there talked non stop about his walk to another hiker who had arrived with us.

One thing that was available immediately was a bathroom with a great shower, freshly cleaned. Ahhh! Even towels!

I plugged in my phone and extra battery charger. That made two needs met. Soon, the couple managing the hostel pulled up in their grocery-laden car. All five hikers jumped in to help unpack.

To our delight, the manager said, “Come on upstairs and get your ice cream”. The Hiker Special comes with a bunk, shower, laundry, pizza, and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I had planned to pass up that special since ice cream and pizza are on my “do not eat” list. We got our box, though. Third need met!

Now, for a good meal and a quiet place to rest. The best rest spot looked to be the shady corner of one of three lawns outside. Each had a campfire ring and chairs. One had afternoon shade. I set up the tarp in the shady spot.

I was imagining a repeat of that delicious and satisfying dinner of fish and vegetables we had enjoyed in our last stop in Front Royal. Here, with no grocery store within a mile, that seemed out of reach. But look! A poster on the board says “Call Road Yachts for a ride to Purcellville” listing Food Lion. Victory! Although it seemed a little extravagant to get a shuttle into town ten miles away for a meal, I thought, “why not get the best, you know, radiantly fulfilling and all?”

Guess what Road Yachts said? I was surprised. “Oh, I don’t do shuttles until after 8 p.m.” Well, dang! That was unreasonable in my book. That dinner dream was fading fast. But, I would NOT give in to pizza and a headache!

Sleep in the shade and the privacy of my tarp was next, well, AFTER studying the guidebook to learn that there were several easy food stops in the next 70 miles. I could eat anything from our maildrop with confidence that we could get plenty of food along the way. Problem solved. Ahhh. Fourth need met.

Two hours later, I wake up with a nudge from John, saying, “Let’s go. Let’s walk on now.” I groggily focus on his words. “That guy who lit the fire right next to our tarp was talking trash in the hostel about you pitching your tent near that campfire ring. I don’t want to stay here. He’s talking up having a campfire tonight, and there are twenty hikers in there! There are two other firerings, but he picked that one, then talked about how stupid you were to put your tent there! I don’t want to be in a disrespectful situation like this.”

I love that man! He sure stands up for me. He’s right that we can choose our community. Half an hour later, we’re on the trail again, all settled up with the manager and satisfied that our basic needs for that stop had been met. Food. Charging. Shower. Some rest.

Now, here’s the surprise blessing! Two miles out, we stop near a spring to cook the special pasta from the maildrop. At the same spot are three women nursing a fire. They welcome us, and John shares some firebuilding tips. We chat during our meals, and I walk away with contact information for a prospective member for HeartSinging Walk Community!

One of those women had invited the others out for her very first walk on the AT! Her dream is to do the whole trail over 10 – 20 years. She loved my idea of having a coach and meeting others with the same dream!

I’m sure there’s a well-worded affirmation that summarizes this blessing. Something like walking away from ill-fitting circumstances and toward my truth. You can help me with that one.

I’m convinced!

And it even got better! At our camp spot for the night, a German woman asked to stay nearby. She pulls out fresh kohlrabi slices that she’s eager to share! Fifth need met – fresh veggies!

And here’s the next funny part. Next morning, who do we see ahead of us? The campfire guy!! “So, you hiked out without staying? Me too! Some other guys and I decided we would just push on!” I never know what will happen on the trail!

In joy,

If you would like to be in a community that pays attention to the ins and outs of Inner Journeys within Outer Journeys, all the while getting support for creating YOUR radiantly fulfilling walk, check out my HeartSinging Walk Community!

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