Radical Manifestation Evident

Radical Manifestation Evident

When results of working the stages of Radical Manifestation occur, it’s so important to acknowledge and celebrate them! I’m doing that today.

This week, following on the heels of several weeks of focusing my energy and attention on freeing my financial picture and creating new streams of income, I’ve had TWO results.

  • I received a check in the mail that was TWICE what I had expected
  • My banker presented a reinvestment plan that will yield FIVE TIMES what I had expected.


I celebrate that abundance is multiplying!

I am grateful for the gifts of the Universe!

I acknowledge my co-creation of abundance by clearing my energy and taking action.


Oh, and there are more signs of synchronicity

  • A financial coach has offered a free session for next week
  • A high level business coach has offered a free session for next week
  • A creative life coach has offered a transformative program for December at a very low price
  • A friend has offered to pay for sharing my home
  • A live-in guest completed a house project that had been procrastinated for 10 years


While walking into MY dream, I do well to notice the scenery along the way!


What’s showing up in YOUR landscape?  Please comment below.

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