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The Book Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the MiracleRadical Forgiveness

Start with the book that gives you the step-by-step path for this revolutionary, simple, quick, and easy technology for turning your troubles into blessings. Want miracles? Read this and use the tools!

Satori Board Game

This lighthearted board game takes you on a journey from Victimland to “Satori” which means Awakening!

Play Satori and Awaken

Journey to YOUR Heartland

A 4-week teleclass for More energy, better relationships, and freedom from your past.

Journey to YOUR Heartland: STORIES

Big Frog Sunburst


Walk for a Singing Heart

A guided walk, in person or by phone, to lighten your heart and your step wherever you are!

IMG_6798 Empowering Walks


The Amazing Fulfilling Appalachian Trail Walk

Hire Regina for personal or group coaching to create YOUR unique accomplishment of the Appalachian Trail. Start TODAY with a free conversation about your dream.

Put Yourself in this Picture!
Put Yourself in this Picture!




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