Piano Dance Act Two

“Dance” would be a great way to characterize what happened with the piano!

Following on the heels of my heart’s willingness to let the piano go, there appeared not just one, but TWO interested parties! The dance encompassed a group!

Things got a little complicated as my son and I were both taking offers from people, without communicating with each other. I was moving ahead with accepting an offer from a music teacher while he was waiting for his musician friend to make an offer. It came in – higher than mine! OOPS!

I was stepping on some toes and ignoring a worthy dance partner!

I made a few phone calls, restored the balance, allowed everyone to dance. The high bid was made and received and the dance concluded with a bow.

Today, the piano will have a new home with a musician who wants to pour her love into her music! And my heart is happy with the memories of family music shared AND the freedom to move unfettered into a new phase.

What a story!
I believe its happy ending came largely from my willingness to feel my feelings, and let them be a signal that I was stuck in my past.  When I let my heart open, love and abundance flowed inside and out!

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