My Radical Transformation Worksheet about the Sandy Hook Elementary School Killings

I just DID something about the killings in Connecticutt. Since Friday, when a young man went on a rampage and killed 27 people and himself, I have wondered what I can do about it.

Colin Tipping’s article puts into clear words an action that I can whole-heartedly take. In his email to his Radical Living Community, he encourages us to be open to raising our own vibration through a willingness to be open to the possibility that the situation has a Spiritual perfection in it, possibly for several reasons:

  • It gives us a chance to demonstrate forgiveness to our children
  • It gives us a chance to look into our own tendency to act violently and rashly, even if on a smaller scale
  • It gives us a chance to be open to taking action and taking a stand
  • It gives us a chance to grieve publicly and enmasse
  • It gives us a reason to be generous and compassionate
And more.

Read Colin’s email here:

Colin Tipping’s Email

In the email, he recommends that we all do the Radical Transformation Worksheet, a quick and easy way to refocus our energy and choose peace and empowerment.

The link for the worksheet is in the email.  It’s a FREE worksheet, although Colin does ask you to register with your email address in exchange for access to the FREE downloads.  That’s a small price to pay for this huge gift to the world!

I did it!  Here’s MY worksheet all filled out.  See what you come up with, and let me know!


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