Meet The Mountains Technique

Use this technique that Regina developed over her thousands of miles of climbing mountains to help you focus on balancing your stepping with your breathing, making each step EASY so that the mountain before you unfolds in a continuous path of easy steps until you find yourself at the top of the mountain!
This 22 minute audio is a recording of Regina teaching Diane live, including questions, comparing Meet The Mountains with the Rest Step, and suggestions for practicing. The audio wraps up with Barbara Hotz, Regina’s music muse, singing Wild Wind. Enjoy!
Put Yourself in this Picture!
Put Yourself in this Picture!








“I am so thankful for Regina. She taught me her “Meet The Mountains” technique during a phone call coaching session. It was really easy to learn and she provided clear instructions as I practiced doing it over the phone. She has such a comfortable, easy-going nature. Since our phone call, I have used the technique several times during my training and it has come so naturally. I find myself just counting and doing the rhythm as if I have always been doing it. I am training for a hike on the Appalachian Trail. I can’t wait to get to the mountains and try it out. Thanks again Regina!”         -Diane Saunders


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