Magic Wand

I can help!

I get excited. I get stimulated. I get excited when my smart, dedicated, determined, productive, dynamic yearning friends and acquaintances say,

“I’m stuck. This happens to me all the time. Here it is again. There’s nothing I can do but persevere and push through this problem. I wish I had a magic wand that’s all that will work.”

I want to jump up and down and shout and laugh “I have that magic wand!”

I know what to do to open floodgates of creativity and solutions and abundance and ease really quickly and easily with no pushing or pulling or stepping on anyone.

It’s so simple!

Just take these Four Steps to Radical Forgiveness, from Colin Tipping’s tools for expanding into love as he teaches in Radical Forgiveness

Say and reflect on these four steps:

1. “Look what I created”

2.“I notice my judgments and love myself for having them.”

3.“I’m open that there’s a purpose for this happening.”

4.“I choose acceptance. I choose peace.”


Then, take a walk, even a few steps. That integrates this shift in perspective into your body, activates your left and right brains, and frees you from the current stalemate.

What’s great about this simple exercise is that it requires very little brain work. There’s no pushing. No perseverance. No puzzling or figuring out or relying on old worn out problem solving methods that don’t work anyway.


It’s that simple, quick, and easy.

What happens energetically is vast, deep, broad, and amazingly powerful.

Just like the sweep of a magic wand!



Your magic wand is waiting for you here at ForgivenessWalks where we use walks, songs, easy tools, Nature, color, games – a whole treasure chest of lighthearted ways to clear our path of the obstacles to joy and fulfillment of our dreams.

Walk into YOUR dreams.

Turn your troubles into blessings.

Join us at ForgivenessWalks free here:



Clicking this link brings you to the gateway of ForgivenessWalks and the land of ease in the face of troubles, acceptance in the face of anger, creativity in the face of frustration, support in the face of loneliness.

I invite you to share your name and email and receive my gift of five free audios that introduce you to energy shifting practices, including the Four Steps to Radical Forgiveness, that you can use every day, instantly, wherever you are.

Walk with me and ForgivenessWalks into a land of freedom and joy.

Wave this Magic Wand!

In joy,






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