September 28, 2017

What’s showing up in your Inner Journey this week?

I’ve been focusing on giving myself permission to paint illustrations for a story that came to me. It’s helping that I joined Laura West’s 30-Day Passion Project group for support and accountability. It’s interesting to me that it feels selfish for me to devote time to my painting! However, when I do, I feel more generous toward others, more efficient on other projects, less attracted to unhealthy food, more appreciative of others’ work, more supported by others, even more connected to and helpful to others, and just plain happy!

It’s a good reminder that it’s better for me – and others too – to just do what makes my heart sing than to ignore or deny authentic expression.

And…the paintings are actually not so bad. And it turns out that doesn’t even matter! It’s what happens inside that I notice.

What’s one thing your heart wants that you’ve been putting off? Today, dedicate time in your day, even just five minutes, to do something that feeds that expression!

Thanks! I believe it’s better for everyone when you do!

P.S. My Inner Journey includes sharing what’s going on for me! Right now, that includes encountering digital challenges! I’m trying to share a photo of my latest painting and it won’t work!  Please be so kind as to click the link to see the photo!  Thanks!

Regina’s Painting



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  1. Dear Gina,
    I had a similar experience, believing I’m self-centered for focusing on my horse adventure. The feedback I get is how people are energized and inspired by me doing what I want to do, and my stories about it. The less I sacrifice, the more happy others seem to be around me. The happier I am, the less I pay attention to those around me, too. Their happiness never was my business, I’m just now learning this. I have very few unhappy people in my life any more. It’s all interesting, isn’t it.

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