Let’s Walk On Together -August &September

It was exciting to be with you as you delved deeply into your obstacles and transformed them, at least in words, to a new view of fulfillment.  As I was hoping, doing that called on your imaginative powers and got the wheels turning! What a powerfully fulfilling 5-Day Journey I had too.

I learned so much and connected in a delightful way!  The week truly  is fulfilling for me with this opportunity to offer my favorite continue developing your dream using the methods I’ve offered this week.  I do think that my approach is a unique one, to focus on your Inner Journey every step of the way as you plan your Outer Journey!


My mind is spinning with ideas for all we could do together and support  each other with if we keep walking together!  I’ve created a new group called Walking Our Fulfilling Path. In the group, you can post questions, steps, and celebrations. I will keep you nourished with information and tips for fulfilling your journey.  I offered the same 5-day challenge in July and have 5 women already in the group. Even though we just started a couple of weeks ago, every one has had profound transformation of obstacles and surprising new developments pop up!  We eagerly welcome you into the group!

One approach that really helps me grow consciously is to create challenges or ‘passion projects’ in which we set some practice to do every day for a certain period of time. I have many ideas for these! We could try a different one every week through August and September. For example:

  • Walk every day, even if it’s just around the block
  • Build Rainbow Energy Painting as a regular practice
  • Use the Thirteen Steps for clearing your path
  • Journal daily on your Guiding Star

I’m thinking that an investment of $165 for the rest of August and all of September would allow me to focus my time with you and to even provide supplies for you to do Energy Balancing Paintings regularly. If this feels right to you, then just click the PayPal button below and let’s go! I set it up so you should be directed to the group page when you pay.  

What you’ll get for starters:

  • Ongoing conversation and sharing in Walking Our Fulfilling Path private Facebook group  ($100 value)
  • Weekly zoom or phone calls  ($100 value)
  • Rainbow Energy Painting demonstration class ($50 value)
  • Rainbow Energy Painting supplies ($20 value)
  • Weekly personal coaching sessions with Regina ($350 value)
  • One or more sessions of the board game Satori ($25 per game value)
  • Download of Walk for a Singing Heart, Regina’s signature guided walk playlist (sells for $47)

Get your Appalachian Trail walk – indeed your Life’s Walk – envisioned, energized, and supported in a way no other coach could provide. I have experience walking over 10,000 miles on the AT and several other long distance trails and hearing hikers’ concerns while working for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. I blend this practical trail experience with my unique approach to the spiritual technology of Radical Forgiveness ® which imbues each step with  spiritual purpose. 

Now is your opportunity to turn your DREAM of walking the Appalachian Trail into a PLAN. What’s more, yours could be not just a plan but a RADIANTLY FULFILLING WALK UNIQUELY EXPRESSIVE OF YOU!



(SPECIAL NOTE ON WORKING WITH PAYPAL: After you submit your payment, be sure to click on RETURN TO MERCHANT to be directed to our group page! I want you to be welcomed immediately!)

If you prefer other payment arrangements, let me know with an email at regina@forgivenesswalks.com or a text at 678-938-2075. I absolutely want everyone to work with me in a way that feels wonderful in every way, including investment! I am 100% open to creating a financial arrangement that is mutually fulfilling just like our walks!  When I trained Mary for her year, we chose a financial arrangement that worked for both of us, and created something better than either of us could have imagined! 

And now……

Let’s walk!

In joy,