Lake Erie Reflections

Make Each Step Easy!

June 28,2024

“Make each step easy,” I reminded myself as I slowly stepped deeper into the cool water on the shore of Lake Erie. I focused on stepping safely, wearing my shoes on the rocky beach. The stones were smooth, yet there were a lot of them!

A dad nearby pushed his toddler into his butt in the water, laughing. A reminder of my dad flashed into my mind, replaying the practice of shocking us kids into leaving our comfort zone. Just do it!

I rejoiced in my freedom to choose a gentle way! “Make each step easy!” I repeated to myself, gradually and delightfully easing myself deeper into the lake with tiny steps over twenty minutes of contemplative wading.  For an hour I waded slowly in the refreshing water, finding the smooth slate or sand for my steps.  Relaxed and confidant, I returned to my camp.



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