Is an Old Story like Frodo’s Ring of Power?

There’s a theme running in my friends’ Facebook posts and emails this morning. Obstacles!

“Can’t wait ‘til spring”

What’s slowing down the project is….

“too many patients!”

It’s  January 4th and already the glow of the holidays, celebrating the birth of New Light in the world, has faded!  Are obstacles, blocks, and doubts putting out your Christmas lights? Did the New Year ring in with a brief toast and a few hopeful resolutions that got quickly overshadowed by the burdens of every day life?  Now, it’s back to the same old story?

While watching The Return of the King in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I had a new thought about Frodo holding on to that ring at the rim of Mt. Doom. Even though he had endured an arduous journey to get rid of it, when the moment came to do it, he balked! That ring was powerful, magnetic, alluring! He clung to its evil rather than let it go!

“That’s like our Old Stories!” I realized.

It took me five years to accomplish the divorce that I knew in my heart would set us both free. I clung to My Old Story, hoping things would get better, wishing he would change, trying to make myself resign to staying married and making the best of it. Why?

That Old Story had power over me. I was afraid to let it go – for shame, for fear, for guilt. I wondered, “Who would I be without this story?!! It’s what I know as my reality!!”

And yet, I had tasted the freedom of living true to my heart on my hiking trips, meeting a partner who mirrored back my joy, my creativity, my love of walking in Nature. I wanted THAT!  Yet, here was that Old Story hanging like Frodo’s ring around my neck.

How did I do it?  How did I let go?

That’s what I’ll be revealing in my course,

Journey to YOUR HeartLand


But, let me get you started!

First, Tell the Story and love yourself for having it!

Don’t have anyone who can witness and validate your story without judgment?

I can do that for you as a gift.  Just email me at regina@forgivenesswalks and start typing!  I’ll witness and validate it for you and give you some ideas what you can do with that story.

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