Hi! I’m Regina Reiter!


Regina Reiter, Forgiveness Walks

I am a courageous heartsinger, nature interpreter, long-distance walker, and certified Radical Forgiveness ® Coach! Blend all those qualifications and skills together, and you have my way of serving in the world – Forgiveness Walks! The true spirit of my work is to entice other courageous people, inclined to follow their hearts, to come outside where they can move between heaven and earth, grounded in their physical senses and spiritually nourished through an enlivened  connection with their Higher Power.

I guide my community in both the practical and heart-filled ways of clearing their emotional path, walking on trails, and creating radiantly fulfilling journeys in their lives. I’ve walked over 10,000 miles on long-distance trails, including two passes of the Appalachian Trail and four passes of the Benton MacKaye Trail in all four seasons. I’ve also walked other long trails, including the Pacific Crest Trail, Vermont Long Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, New England Trail, Oregon Coast Trail, and Foothills Trail, all since I turned 53.

What has characterized those journeys is how using the tools of Radical Forgiveness ® turns each physical journey into a fulfilling Inner Journey in which I learn and grow from all the new experiences along my way! What I do is help others navigate their way through both the practical and emotional aspects of choosing, planning, and fulfilling their inner and outer journeys in a way that really lights them up, accomplishes their goal and makes their heart sing! That’s Regina and Forgiveness Walks!