Gratitude Celebration 8: Graciousness and Interest

I’m celebrating my 60th birthday by expressing gratitude to people in my life for 60 days. Today, my nod goes to my Aunt Priscilla and Uncle John.

I want to honor my Aunt Priscilla for following her heart and leaving the convent when she wanted to get married instead. My memories are those of a teenager as I witnessed her making that transition. Of course, at the time, I only watched. But now, I have a little more understanding of what a significant choice that would have had to be, and I honor her for it! The family she and Uncle John raised are all truly wonderful people!

I am grateful for being invited to stay with Aunt Priscilla and Uncle John several times when my oldest son was just four years old so I could visit my grandmother while she was dying with cancer. It must have been a stressful time for everyone, so adding me and my son to the household was very gracious. My son had such a good time there, especially playing with John’s model train.

I’m also grateful for her interest in my business! Even though I’ve been self-conscious talking about what’s so dear to my heart with my family (There’s that old story of unworthiness creeping in!), when Aunt Priscilla asked about it, there was genuine interest and concern there. And why not, for she may have had the same questions for Uncle John when he was considering leaving his sales job to open a hardware store, the first relative I knew to have his own business.

“What do you mean by forgiveness?” she asked. In the past, I would have felt all defensive and speechlessly clammed up.  To my surprise, this time I sat still and answered the question. “By forgiveness, I mean to feel light and peace in one’s heart having the perspective that whatever happened had a spiritual reason, so in that regard there’s really nothing to forgive.”  I realized at that moment that my aunt was mirroring back for me my OWN development of worthiness and willingness to share myself openly with my family!

I’ll do that more now, and I have Aunt Priscilla to thank for opening that door for me.

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  1. Dearest Regina – I am deeply touched by your Graditude Celebration posting and so happy that I was able to be of support to you in my own small way. It always amazes me when I find that, unknown to myself, I have had a substantial influence on another person. I am also impressed by the lovely way you are able to express your thoughts and feelings. Keep on!

  2. Regina, I can see and understand and have actually experienced the forgiveness of which you speak, AND I am not consistent following that way of BEING all the time, even though I know that is the only path to peace. Thanks for the reminders!!

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